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Kolla in våra guider som hjälper dig komma igång med våra högtalare.

Bluetooth vs WiFi

There are two types of wireless speakers. WiFi speakers stream audio from online music services like Spotify and TuneIn. You can control it via an app, use WiFi presets etc. All WiFi-speakers also has Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers, as you already guessed, only uses Bluetooth, which is a direct connection between a transmitter (phone, tablet or computer) and the speaker. If you leave the room the speaker stops playing.

All our speakers can also connect via an audio cable.

Get to know your speaker

Play music in your entire home. Play on all speakers or just a few. Play different sources on different speakers. Create groups. Connect your old devices, vinyl, cassette, CD. Restream it to your speaker, or your entire home via multiroom. Create your own WiFi presets with your favorite radio channel or a Spotify playlist. Just push a button.

Our smart speakers let you control almost anything with your voice.