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Enjoy the Audio Pro sound in your entire home.




Take your businsess to the next level with Audio Pro.


This page is about the Audio Pro Control app.

You can also control our speakers* with the Apple Home app or the Google Home app.

We have two groups of WiFi-speakers.

All speakers can play together using the Audio Pro Control app.

Older speakers

Controlled with the Audio Pro Control app. They can also receive audio via AirPlay 1.


C3, C5, C5A, C10, A26, A36, Drumfire, Drumfire Blackstar Edition, D-1, Link 1.

Newer speakers

Controlled with the Audio Pro Control app, Google Home app(Google Cast) & Apple Home app(AirPlay2).



*C10 MkII, A15, C5 MkII, A28, A38 + all new speakers coming in 2022.

G10 is special since it has Google Assistant (Hey Google). Therefore it can only be controlled with the Google Home app(Google Cast) & Apple Home app(AirPlay2).

Getting started with the app and adding devices.

1. Install the Audio Pro Control app.

On your smartphone or tablet.

2. Add a device

Make sure that your Audio Pro device has power, is turned on and has WiFi as input mode


3. Connect to your device via WiFi.


4. Connect your device to your WiFi.


5. You are soon done!



If you choose to do the Alexa setup you will be able to control your smart home, devices and our speakers with your voice via our app.

Read more about Alexa

Play audio on your device.

Play audio from built in streaming services, like Deezer & TuneIn.
Play audio from Spotify via Spotify Connect.
Play local audio from your smartphone, tablet or NAS.

Play audio using the streaming services built-in the app.


Spotify is not built-in the Audio Pro Control App but you can play to Audio Pro devices via the Spotify app.

Play audio using the “MY MUSIC” feature

App layout.

The Audio Pro Control app has three tabs.

Browse, Device & Settings.


The popup player.

Create groups, enjoy multiroom.

Ungroup devices

Device settings.

Generic settings for each Audio Pro device.

Some settings may differ depending on what devices you have.


Rename your devices.

Set the sound.

Set an alarm with your custom audio.

Check your presets.


Set a sleep timer.

Info about your device.

Check how strong the WiFi connection is on your device.

Disable the voice saying “CONNECTED” etc.

Name speaker.

Bass & Treble.

Alarm clock.


Show & activate presets.

Here you can see and activate your saved presets.

How to save a preset.


Amazon Alexa settings.

If haven’t set up the Alexa account you can do that in in the “Browse” tab/Amazon Alexa.


Sleep timer.

Set the sleep timer from OFF -> 60 minutes.



WiFi Status: Check what WiFi the device is connected to.

Speaker Name: The generic name or the name that you have chosen.

SSID: The name the device has in your router.

IP: The IP adress the device has.

Firmware: The firmware version the device has.

Build Date: The date when the device was built.

Personal Hotspot: Activate this and the device acts as a personal hotspot and others may connect to its WiFi.

Restore to factory settings: Reset/restore the device to its original settings.

Audio Pro Promts Language: The language the device will give audio feedback in.

UUID: The devices’ unique ID number.

Configure DNS: Configure DNS settings.


Wifi strength.

Check how strong the WiFi connection is on your device.


App versions and device firmware.

Android app version

  • Improve Wi-Fi setup experience.
  • Fix TIDAL premium account can’t choose Hi-Fi quality issue
  • Other bug fixes.

  • Now playing view add more options
  • Add standby setting feature
  • Add voice prompt switch
  • Support new MRM protocol
  • Add new product A15/D2
  • Add DNS configuration

iOS app version


  • Improve Wi-Fi setup experience.

  • Support adjusting Spotify volume.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Fix C sub can’t join group issue.