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Environment and Safety.

Battery care

Whenever you have a product that contains Lithium Ion battery, you need to mind environmental and safety issues.

The battery in our products contains chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and to people, so you need make sure that you do not expose the battery to anything that can harm it.

Always consider the environmental issues and follow local regulations when disposing of batteries.

Do not expose the battery to excess heat, direct sunlight or fire. To protect the battery, the battery cannot be charged when temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius or higher than 40 degrees Celsius. The same applies for operating temperature.

Keep an eye on your product when the product is charging.

Do not disassemble or short circuit the battery.

Make sure you do not accidentally drop your speaker onto a hard surface. You may risk damaging the battery, which thereby can malfunction. If you have dropped your product, let a professional look over your product and battery before you use or charge your product again.

Circular economy

In 2020 Audio Pro began a collaboration with another Swedish company GIAB, an innovative company that gives products new life through circular economy principles.

Products returned to Audio Pro for any reason are reviewed by GIAB, reconditioned and condition-graded before they are returned to the market again. In this way, a product can get a new life without being thrown away.

Our way of consuming goods causes a large burden on our environment, and by cooperating with partners who can help us contribute to a lower environmental burden, we can do our part in mitigating this climate impact.

Our industry, just like many others, is expected to suffer from a lack of necessary materials and components in the future as the use of materials increases exponentially. This will mean that in the near future all producers will have to start working according to more circular ways of working, where recycling, reuse and sustainable design are the norm. By reusing and recycling our speakers in this way, we are already starting to act in a more environmentally smart way.

In addition to the cooperation with GIAB, Audio Pro has an extensive program for spare parts and repairs. This means another way of prolonging the life of speakers, and thereby sustainability in focus.