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Enjoy the Audio Pro sound in your entire home.




Take your businsess to the next level with Audio Pro.


T3+ Wargenbrant

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Audio Pro is aiming at becoming
one of the world’s strongest brands
within wireless audio.

Audio Pro has the ambition of becoming one of the world’s most renowned brands within wireless audio. Its products are the result of more than 42 years of Swedish development and innovation. The concept of Audio Pro is based on the using of one of a kind technology and creative solutions together with Scandinavian design, to develop outstanding quality products within the audio segment.

The aim is to create the best sound quality at the best price. An Audio Pro product should always be the best performing product within each price segment. Today you will find Audio Pro in more than 55 markets throughout the world.

Every room in your home is different, with different functions, furniture and decorations. Therefore, Audio Pro will create speakers of different colours, shapes, sizes and material, to be able to deliver speakers that are not only great in sound, but also in fitting into any room’s design. The variety of options applies to placements as well; Audio Pro creates speakers that can be placed on the wall, in the ceiling and as a standalone. And of course, every speaker will have the multiroom feature, so that you can listen to the same music throughout your entire house and even your garden.

The technological progress is moving rapidly. Audio Pro, with its more than 42 years of experience in speaker design and audio, has always had the ambition of creating speakers with cutting edge technological solutions. The keywords are innovation, intuition and easy to use. Recently, voice[1]controlled speakers have become part of the company’s portfolio of speakers. All to be able to satisfy the different needs and demands within the market.

The products of Audio Pro are meant to stir emotions and touch your feelings, the sound of an Audio Pro speaker is not only supposed to be heard but also felt. It should appeal to both eyes and ears.

Audio Pro Business, the professional business area and brand within Audio Pro, is aiming for becoming one of the key brands within commercial industries like retail and hospitality. This will be achieved by building the category of wireless sound, which today is quite limited within the commercial industry. We are today one of a very few companies, that can offer a wireless solution for the commercial market.