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Frequently Asked Questions

We stand behind our products. And we want you to enjoy our speakers without any problems. Here you will find frequently asked qeustions for of our products. If you cannot find your way around, feel free to contact our customer service on We speak both English and Swedish!

Wifi & Multiroom

Wifi & Multiroom

How do I play content stored on my phone/tablet/computer/NAS in my network?

1. On Source view page, select My Music.
2 A. To play content stored on phone/tablet, click the device icon and choose your music to play.
2 B. To play content stored on computer/NAS in your home network you must first share the folders (where you have your music files) in the network.

See your computer Mac/PC for your settings.
For NAS’s (Network Attached Storage unit), sharing content is usually done automatically.

How do I play Spotify with my connected speakers?

You need to have a Spotify Premium account to use Spotify Connect.
1. Open Spotify, start playing content.
2. Choose your Audio Pro speaker in Spotify among Available devices (found at bottom of played 3. content in Spotify.
Go to Audio Pro Control app to manage music and speakers.

About Spotify Connect »

To play Spotify Free with Audio Pro connected audio units, use Bluetooth and restream audio to play to more speakers in a group

How do I add more speakers to my setup?

1. In the app, in My Speakers list view, push the speaker icon with a + in upper right corner.
2. Follow instructions in app.

 Always perform setup with speaker close to your router! You can later place it where you want, and check its wifi connection strength to the router in the app.

Setup; Only use network on 2.4GHz band

The Audio Pro connected wifi system only uses the 2.4GHz band. Most routers have both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands. Your phone/tablet must be connected to the network using the 2.4GHz band to perform the setup for a speaker. You can only connect the spekaer to thesame wifi network to which your phone/tablet is connected to.

The 2.4GHZ band has a longer range than the 5.8GHz band. This is why our speakers only use the 2.4GHz band.

How to do setup the first time

Always perform setup with speaker close to your router! You can later place the speaker where you want it, and check its wifi connection strength to the router in the app.

1. Download Audio Pro Control app from App Store or Google Play.
2. Connect the speaker to a power outlet. Turn the speaker to ON.
3. Follow the instructions in app.

Which music file formats is supported?

Audio Pro connected products supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and Apple Lossless.

Can I play music wirelessly from a turntable or CD-player?

Yes you can!

The speakers C5 and C10 have 3.5mm and RCA sound inputs to connect other audio gear. A turntable/CD-player can be connected to a C5/C10 speaker and then played wirelessly to other speakers in your system.

Example, connecting a turntable:
1. Connect turntable (with RIAA amplifier) by cable to RCA input on C5/C10 speaker.
2. In Audio Pro Control App on Source page, select LINE as source.
3. Start playing your music on your turntable.

To play to more speakers wirelessly:
1.The speaker to which you have connected the turntable must be the Master speaker in the group.
2. Drag and drop other speakers onto this speaker to make a group. Sound will play to all speakers in the group.

How many speakers can I have in a group and play to?

Our recommendation is that you have maximum 5 speakers in a group.

How many speakers can I have in a multi-room setup?

You can have up to 32 speakers/devices in a single network.
Note that performance may be affected the more speakers you add.

About Wi-Fi connection and router

The performance of your Audio Pro connected speakers are dependant on the performance of your wifi network. By its nature, wireless LAN may experience interference depending on environmental conditions. Depending on the wireless router used, some network operations may perform differently.

– A good router is strongly recommended. Music is more demanding than data.
– The distance between router and speakers affect the wifi performance.
– Obstacles like walls/floors affect the wifi performance.
– Other wireless devices can affect the wifi performance.

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