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Scarica app Multiroom

Per utilizzare gli altoparlanti C5 e C10 e il multilettore Link1 è necessaria la nostra semplice app gratuita.
Scaricare l’app per IOS o Android qui:


Impostazione multiroom per Link 1, Addon C5 e Addon C10

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that makes short-range connections between devices at distances up to 10 meters. Obstacles like walls and interference with microwave ovens can shorten range.

How do I connect my smart phone or tablet to the speaker?

Bluetooth connection:

  1. Turn on your speaker.
  2. Press Bluetooth button on speaker (or remote), LED will start flashing.
  3. Open up your Bluetooth settings on your device.
  4. After approx. 20sec, your speaker name will appear in Bluetooth list.
  5. Press the speaker name.
  6. Done! Start playing your music.
Can I pair different Audio Pro Bluetooth speakers with each other?

No, you can not pair Audio Pro speakers with Bluetooth to each other.

How do I use Bluetooth speaker with my computer?


1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.

2. Open the Bluetooth preference pane.

3. Click “+” to add a new Bluetooth device.

4. Turn the speaker on.

5. Push the Bluetooth button on your speaker til the LED flashes.  

6.  your Audio Pro speaker from the list of available devices and click Continue.


1. Turn the speaker on.

2. Push the Bluetooth button on your speaker til the LED flashes.  

3. Open your Control Panel.

4. Select Hardware and Sound.

5. Select Devices and Printers.

6. Select Bluetooth Devices.

7. Click Add a device. Select your Audio Pro speaker from the list of devices, and then click next.

How does volume control work with Bluetooth playback?

Your device (smart phone, tablet or computer) has 1 volume control, and your Audio Pro speaker has 1 volume control. Set volume on speaker to approx. 75% and then adjust volume on your device.

My device doesn’t connect to an already paired speaker

It is possible that your phone or tablet is already paired to something else. Maybe you had your phone paired to a car stereo, or a speaker in another room of your house.

Reset the Bluetooth on your phone (or iPad, tablet etc) in Bluetooth settings.

– Turn Bluetooth OFF and then ON again right from your device (i.e. phone).
– “Forget” your Bluetooth device and redo pairing.

This will reset any existing Bluetooth connections, allowing you to reconnect to your speaker. You may also need to do pairing process again.

I’m experiencing playback interference

Minimize interference 

Just like your Wi-Fi, cellphone, and other wireless signals, Bluetooth range and performance can vary depending a number of factors. All smartphones and tablets aren’t created equal, so be aware that the following can have varying influence on your Bluetooth connection quality – 


If your phone is in your pocket and you’re moving between rooms in your home, Bluetooth distance is reduced significantly. Try to keep your device in the same room as your Bluetooth speaker for optimal performance.


Your body makes a better door than a window. In fact, the human body is one of the worst offenders when it comes to blocking Bluetooth signals (as are all “watery” objects). If you are in between your device and your Bluetooth speaker (like if your phone was in your back pocket), it may affect performance. 

Other wireless signals

If you have a lot of devices fighting for wireless airspace in your home, they can interfere with each other. If there is no other interference (your device and speaker are in the same room with no obstructions) and you’re still experiencing issues, make sure that any other Bluetooth devices or peripherals you have in close proximity are disabled. 

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