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Link 1

Perfectly connected.

The Link 1 unit is a clever little multiroom player. A simple way to connect any audio gear to the Audio Pro multiroom system. Connect to any powered speakers, radios, hifi-systems or AV receivers.


1,300 kr
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(33 reviews)
All rooms liberated

Have a speaker in every room and play to one or all at the same time. Everybody can play their personal music on which ever speaker they want. Play from internet streaming services, from a computer or NAS in your network, or music on your phone.
You choose.

Digital Life, Sweden. Review for Link1, C5 & C10 speakers

Audio Pro has become famous for stylish speakers with easy listening sound. Now they are jumping on the multiroom trend and the result is brilliant."

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Great with Audio Pro speakers

Do you have an older Audio Pro powered speaker? Easily make it a part of your multiroom system, just add the Link 1.

The app of simplicity

It’s easy.
We know everybody says this, but this truly is. From lightning fast setup to using,
it’s all smooth sailing.
Free app for iOS and Android.

Play nice. Everywhere

Great sound in every room, play to all speakers, or just one. Everybody can play their own music.

All the music you need

Well, we don’t have every single little music
service on the planet, just the ones that count.

Connect direct

Spotify Connect® makes your Spotify playing a breeze. With AirPlay® you easliy play from Apple Music and all other AirPlay services.

Optical and analog connections

Connect any audio gear with analog or optical inputs. Make powered speakers, stereos, receivers or radios a part of your Audio Pro multiroom setup.

Technical Specification
Link 1

Wireless streaming and multiroom adaptor


Spotify Connect®
Audio Pro Multiroom


802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz only.
Supported audio formats:
MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless


3.5mm stereo
TOSlink optical




HxWxD: 105 x 105 x 29 mm

32 reviews for Link 1
Charles Le Sauvage

I have been looking for a product like this for a l long time, I have a hifi system with speakers in the kitchen ceiling, I have now synched this with my Audio pro addon c3 for a much better sound stage.

Philip C.

Set up was clunky, failed several times, instructions are poor, app is far from stable, even now the connections drop in and out. The usability of the app is poorly designed and the fact that that bloody radar has to spin and spin and spin every time you leave the app and come back to it. So disappointing. I really didn’t want to go sonos. Your speakers look awesome, sound amazing, have been ceaitufilly designed and are not sonos. You’ve just crashed and burned on the user experience for multi room and Wi-fi. You need to sack your developed and start again from scratch ASAP. Will continue to support you and rave about your sound quality but PLEASE PLEASE improve the stability of the multi room connections, reduce the complexity, make it easier to switch from one speaker to the next and maybe even allow Airplay to control multi speakers. Doing evything through the app adds no value. Also the radio station search is too painful. 🙂

Graeme S.

Really easy to set up and connected straight away to the app. Great price too compared to comparable connectors from other companies. The who Audio Pro multi room system is excellent!


Not a viable multi room player. Also signal drops repeatedly with wifi or bluetooth even if the speaker is near the source.

Alexander Horsebøg

Airplay doens’t work good and problems finding the speaker through the app.

Christian Bradford

So glad I bought this. Such a well thought through product. As I have a high end DAC the optical toslink makes everything sound great. Also amazing that it comes with an Ethernet port as my house does not have very strong WiFi. Set up with Ethernet and airport was instantaneous and the sound is wonderful. Could not be more pleased.

Jeremy Johnston

I would give it 5 if I had been able to stop it working as an unprotected hot spot easily. Very good connectivity options.