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Addon C5A

Voice controlled Hi-Fi sound

The same great Hi-Fi sound as our original Addon C5, but with an extra twist; the possibility to control your speaker simply by your voice. With Amazon Alexa you can ask your speaker to play your favorite song, as well as many more different tasks; like giving you the weather forecast, to control your living room lights or answering any question that you might have. Alexa is the perfect smart assistant in your home. Supported languages: English, German and French.


3,000 kr
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(83 reviews)
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With an Amazon Alexa account you have full control. The C5A currently supports Amazon Music Unlimited, TuneIn Radio and more suppliers are coming.

Play nice. Everywhere

Multiroom sound and multi person usage. Group and play, set to left/right for stereo pairs. Play all together. Or not. You choose.

Alexa far-field microphone

With Addon C5A you can control the music with your voice only.

All the music you need

Well, we don’t have every single little music
service on the planet, just the ones that count.

Wifi Presets - Play direct

No need to start fiddling with your phone, just push and play. Save your favourite radio station or playlist to a button simply by pressing it while playing content.

Play anything wirelessly

Still love your vinyls? Is your CD-library
packed with that special kind of music?
No problem.
Just connect your turn table or CD-player to
a C5 or C10 speaker, and let the sound stream wirelessly to all the speakers in your setup. Old School is the New Cool.

Connectivity for all

With Airplay®, Spotify Connect® and Bluetooth® you can play all your music any way you like.

The Audio Pro Multiroom app

Download here
Technical Specification
Addon C5A
Amplifiers & Drivers

Amplifier: 40W Digital class D
Tweeter: 2 x 3⁄4” textile dome
Woofer: 4” long throw


Sub output, USB DC out/max. 5V, 1000 mA


Wi-fi + Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, RCA and 3.5 mm stereo


Range: 50 - 20,000 Hz
Crossover: 3,800 Hz


HxWxD: 130 x 250 x 150 mm

Multiroom Functionality

Audio Pro Multiroom

Network Compability

802.11 b/g/n, only 2.4 GHz

Streaming Features

Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay & Bluetooth

Audio formats

MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless


Alexa far-field microphone.

83 reviews for Addon C5A

The speaker works great. But Alexa is still a litte dumb.. 🙂

Brian W.

Very good


I was in the market for a small speaker to be connected by Spotify and a turntable (Stanton ST150 MK1). The option are limited because the speakers needs a built in amp. My space was also limited AND the speaker had to look good.

Audio Pro is known for the good looks and the good quality of sound. I was pleased to see that they also have modern speakers that are WIFI connected.

Iam more than happy with the speaker. It has a decent built quality and a nice size. Big enough to look good but smaller than your average bookshelf speaker. The input option are good with, WIFI, bluetooth, AUX and RCA. My turntable is connected by RCA and plays flawless. Decent sound for this size speaker. WIFI works flawless and instant. Same experience for BT and AUX.

The bass is on the heavy side but that is okay for me. Most smaller speakers have a lack of bass and I welcome this bass. It gives the sound a bit of warmth.

The app that comes with the speaker is OK. You use it to set the speaker up and after setting it up you can adjust some settings on the fly (bass/treble). Since it is a multiroom speaker you can give it a room name. You can also add another speaker to make it stereo or add a subwoofer.

The only thing i miss on the speaker is a headphone output.

Chris H.

My Dad has Sonos speakers dotted around his house and I wanted a similar setup. After a lot of research I ended up buying the C10. I have now paired this with a C5A. Alone the C5 is a brilliant speaker, so much bang for it’s size but when paired with the C10 the doors shake on their hinges. Personally I think both sound better than anything Sonos have to offer (not to mention the price). I am looking to add to my setup, ideally another C5 & C10 although I have my eye on the A10.

Victor Kleinberg

I really enjoy the music. That’s the most important. I have my reservations on the fact that one of my speakers (stereo setup) disconects. The user manual is insufficient in my opinion.

alexandre c.

Great sounds great look! All as promised!


Great Sound and Nice design