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Ultimate TV sound

This stereo pair will supply you with a full-bodied TV sound that surpasses the one of soundbars, due to its stereo effect. And it will not only give you an open and spacious sound stage for your TV-sound, it will also deliver the music for your party as well as your everyday listening.

8,000 kr
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(14 reviews)

Midnight mode

Now you are able to watch movies late at night without waking up sleeping family members or disturbing your neighbors. In our new midnight mode you can enjoy TV and movies at even lower volume than before.

We also added a dynamic compression feature, which means that sudden loud sounds will be brought down to a lower volume level. The midnight mode also adds a voice clarity enhancement for clear dialogue at low volume levels. At the same time subwoofer output is turned off.

The midnight mode is only available on TV/ARC input and is activated/indicated in the APP.

Click below to see how to activate Midnight mode.

Look & Listen

Excellent TV Sound

In the app you can finetune your speakers bass/treble and add a virtual surround effect (Virtual Surround only available for the ARC input).
You can add an external bass for deeper sound, but it is not possible to add additional speakers (e g 5.1)


Connect your TV with ARC for easy control from the TV remote.

Multiroom streaming

Multiroom sound and multi person usage. Group and play. Play all together. Or not. You choose.

Technical Specification

Digital Class D amplifier, 2 x 75W
1” textile dome tweeter
2 x 4.5" woofer


Bluetooth standard 5.0 with apt-X® Low Latency codec
Aux In 3.5mm
TOSLink optical digital (only PCM)
ARC/TV (only PCM)


RCA Sub Out


Range: 32 – 25.000Hz
Crossover: 2.900Hz


H x W x D: 832 x 190 x 210 mm


Audio Pro Multiroom


Remote milled out of solid block of aluminum

14 reviews for A36
Alf Baustian

Wunderbarer Klang in schöner Form

Dan-Anders L.

Excellent sound!


Nice finished and neat speakers with large, easy listening, extended sound in both ends. The midrange is however quite recessed making dialoge and vocals a bit muddy which is surprising as they are advertised as TV-speakers. The app only allows bass/treble adjustment so no cure there. Hoping for a full EQ adjustent capability in the app to lift up the midrange to normal levels again.

Feature wise they’re very handy with opto, wifi, BT, Spotify Connect etc working flawlessly.


Just amazing! The full story is this. In exploring what it was possible to buy as “stand alone system” I found your company with “addon C10”. Time to time I was checking if there was something new in a market and you just launched A36. Oluv’s review and XMAS discount pushed me to buy them and I do like my decision. Before the system I had Monitor Audio RS8. I can say that A36 sounds much better in my house. Every day when I start listening music on A36, I find them every time again and again. I can say that with the system I can find old songs in a new way, which I like much more at the moment. Thanks for that and keep going!