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Ultimate TV sound

This stereo pair will supply you with a full-bodied TV sound that surpasses the one of soundbars, due to its stereo effect. And it will not only give you an open and spacious sound stage for your TV-sound, it will also deliver the music for your party as well as your everyday listening.

8,000 kr
Out of stock
(22 reviews)
All rooms liberated

Have a speaker in every room and play to one or all at the same time. Everybody can play their personal music on which ever speaker they want. Play from internet streaming services, from a computer or NAS in your network, or music on your phone.
All controlled by our "easy-to-use" app.

Look & Listen

Excellent TV Sound

In the app you can finetune your speakers bass/treble and add a virtual surround effect (Virtual Surround only available for the ARC input).
You can add an external bass for deeper sound, but it is not possible to add additional speakers (e g 5.1)


Connect your TV with ARC for easy control from the TV remote.

Multiroom streaming

Multiroom sound and multi person usage. Group and play. Play all together. Or not. You choose.

Technical Specification

Digital Class D amplifier, 2 x 75W
1” textile dome tweeter
2 x 4.5" woofer


Bluetooth standard 5.0 with apt-X® Low Latency codec
Aux In 3.5mm
TOSLink optical digital (only PCM)
ARC/TV (only PCM)


RCA Sub Out


Range: 32 – 25.000Hz
Crossover: 2.900Hz


H x W x D: 832 x 190 x 210 mm


Audio Pro Multiroom


Remote milled out of solid block of aluminum

22 reviews for A36

Just amazing! The full story is this. In exploring what it was possible to buy as “stand alone system” I found your company with “addon C10”. Time to time I was checking if there was something new in a market and you just launched A36. Oluv’s review and XMAS discount pushed me to buy them and I do like my decision. Before the system I had Monitor Audio RS8. I can say that A36 sounds much better in my house. Every day when I start listening music on A36, I find them every time again and again. I can say that with the system I can find old songs in a new way, which I like much more at the moment. Thanks for that and keep going!

Toni B.

I love my A36 🤩. I was very impressed with the purchase process and the shipping process … which was very quick. From 🇸🇪 to 🇩🇪 in 3 days, just before Christmas 🎄🎅 respect🎄🎅. The unboxing was the highlight for me. There are 5 stars for the packaging. Everything packaged very neatly and safely. When I took off the protective cover of the loudspeakers, I could hardly believe my eyes. The look, feel and all processing … just a dream. The black abrasive varnish is a perfect match for our large black sideboard (which also comes from 🇸🇪) einfach we simply love these clear yet elegant lines 😍👌. For the processing of the speakers and of course the great noble metal remote control, there are also full 5 stars. And for an unbeatable price, which will certainly cost us double if not triple. So with Audio Pro you really get something for your money ….. I’m really impressed that there is such a high quality product for such a great price. 1000 stars for it 😉😂. I have been looking for active boxes for a very long time, and I am just overjoyed that I have finally found them with the A36. I cannot repeat enough and mention that without the You Tuber Oluv from Oluv’s Gadgets (Clavinetjunkie) I probably would never have come across your brand. His tests, comparisons and enthusiasm for your speakers finally got me to buy the A36. He always liked the T20. Probably would have been enough for me. But where he brought the video with the A36, I was in love from the first second 😍🤩. That was exactly what I was looking for for a long time (at an affordable price, of course). You can really count on Oluv’s opinion, so you always have to spam him with the latest products and send them to him😂🙏✌. The man knows what he is talking about and has absolutely fine hearing 👌. Always wanted something active with a good TV connection (HDMI ARC perfect), Bluetooth clearly anyway, and that everything can be controlled via an app and is multi-room capable, tops it all off. Such a complete package is not available from us in Germany for 1500 – 2000 € …….. and what you got from the delicate housing is simply overwhelming 📢🎶🎼🎵😳🥳🤩. That the speakers are good … ok …. but I didn’t expect that in life. What a fine but full of powerful sound. Breathtaking. They can be really loud, which is more than enough for me (I have never been able to turn it up fully, and I’ve had it for over a week 😅). In the evening I just turn the bass out and raise it a little, and then it also fits my wife and especially my neighbors 😂😂. My wife was only against the speakers ….. now she loves her and my children anyway. How can you not love them? The virtual surround mode is really surprisingly well implemented for watching TV or watching films. You really don’t miss a 5.1 option. Sure, that’s something else ….. but I think it’s really great. Effects …. such as explosions, helicopters, etc. are of course remarkable. Had a visit at home and a film was running in the background ….. my brother-in-law asked where I would have hidden the sub 😜 ….. I say there they are. He couldn’t believe how deep the little ones are. He has always been very interested in audio and has always had good music systems, but he was very impressed with the remarkable sound that comes out of the two. I also wanted to know directly what kind of brand it is, and immediately went to your side. Could imagine that it will not take long. The app is also very good and clear. Everything pretty much goes without saying. Also full 5 stars. The only small improvement I would have would be the volume. For me, the first volume is a little too loud if I want to watch TV in the evening. So in general, the overall volume control could be a little finer. Would be great if you could fix that with an update ….. if it is technically possible ✌. Otherwise you can imagine how my conclusion on the A36 turns out. I am not thrilled, but really in love and overjoyed with my A36. I just can’t imagine that there is anything better. You are more than enough for me. And it was definitely not the last thing I bought from you. My multiroom setup has just started and I’m already looking at the A10 for our smaller rooms ☺️. I wish you all a happy new year in your company and above all a healthy 🍀🍀🍀🍀, successful year 🎆2020🎆. Thanks for the great support and products. Greetings Toni


Serious packaging and good delivery time. Very nice design. Easy IN/OUT interface and control with smartphone. Sound: with equalizer = balanced and clean with deep and precise bass
Power = slightly below expectations of 75 watt RMS / channel declared.

Peter K.

Incredible sound, nice power. My 3rd Audio Pro is the best


awesome speaker. great sound (you can hear music or tv/film sound, both is great), nice design, the size is not to big, good connections, multiroom function

I don’t want to miss the speakers anymore.

Bjoern Fahrenkrog
xavier g.

perfectes amb un so espectecular molt recomenables per escoltar musica