Add Me

The wireless hifi system Add Me is a perfect way get wireless music, and at the same time upgrade your flat TV’s sound.
Add Me is a bundle with Addon Five powered hifi speaker and the WF100 wireless dongles, all in one box.

Addon Five
Addon Five is a speaker system which draws its design inspiration from Audio Pro’s long and innovative track record in Active loudspeaker engineering. With dual line-ins, wireless ready topology and an outstanding performance for its size, Addon Five is ready to give you music just the way you like it. The Addon Five speaker is surprisingly small but can generate a hi-fi sound to rock your desktop. It’s the epitome of a contemporary powered monitor with all the characteristic finesse of an Audio Pro design, combining a size-belying performance with easy wireless possibilities.

Connect two sound sources at the same time through dual sound inputs. Upgrade the sound of your TV or iPhone dock, plug in your smartphone or connect your computer via the WF100 dongle set. Addon Five is designed to add Audio Pro active sound to your film or gaming experience. Connect to your TV’s headphone output and your TV’s remote will control the volume.

The beauty of Addon Five is that although it occupies so little space, the sound is clear and rich, with more bass than you’d expect. Install it anywhere in the room and it won’t look out of place – in fact, its lacquer finish in red, black or white will enhance décor.

Addon Five can be connected to any audio device with a sound output or headphones out. Connect to computer, mp3-player, mobile phone, iPod/iPhone/iPad dock, CD-player or radio. Hook-up a powered subwoofer and listen to Addon Five switch to party mode!

Living WF100
All of us dream about an easier life. When we created the Audio Pro Wireless solution, our goal was to eliminate loudspeaker cables and keep high quality hi-fi sound, so you could enjoy great sounding music anywhere in the home without the clutter. WF100 brings the dream alive in the shape of a small dongle. The WF100 dongle set is the easiest way to establish a robust and fast wireless network with CD quality streaming. And it works both on a Mac and a PC without complicated installation or software download.

The flexibility of this dream system allows you to add as many receivers as you like in your home (within range of transmitter) in order to create a multiroom sound experience that’s easy and cable-free.

What’s more, built into this miraculous design is a way to let you connect any device with sound input/output to our wireless audio streaming network. This is all achieved without delays and interference but with lots of fun and satisfaction.


Addon Five:

Type: Powered stereo loudspeaker system, 2-way bass reflex
Amplifier: 2 x 36W
Tweeter: 1”, soft dome
Midrange/woofer: 3 1/2"
Frequency range: 55-20.000 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD): 104x163x137 mmCabinet: MDF
Finish: Silk soft lacquer
Colours: Black, white or red
Connections: 2 x LINE IN + SUB OUT, USB DC OUT / 5V 250mA (for Audio Pro RX100 only), DC IN 17V
Power consumption: ON mode 3.65W, OFF mode 0.90W
Options: Base stands for elevation in near-field listening.

Addon Five can be connected to all devices with a line output, both 3.5mm stereo or RCA.


LIVING WF100 wireless dongles

Type: Audio network wireless dongles

D/A converter: Burr-Brown

Soundprocessor: Sonix

RF band: 2.4 GHz

Network: Closed dedicated proprietary protocol

Interface: USB 2.0

Range: Up to 50m indoors, 100m in line of sight

Sample rate: 44.1 kHz

Analogue input: 3.5 mm line in (connect any device with line output or headphones out to the transmitter)

Time delay: 10 ms

Dimensions HxWxD: 16x118x35mm



- Wireless full CD quality sound

- Robust and dedicated network for your audio

- Easy setup, get wireless music in seconds

- Wireless range room to room: Up to 20m

- Wireless range same room: Up to 50m

- Wireless range open field: Up to 100m

- No interference or audible delays

- Works with both Mac and PC

- Plug and play, no software needed

- Flexible multiroom possibilities

- RF band: 2.4GHz

- Sample rate: 48 kHz

- Dedicated proprietary protocol

- USB 2.0 interface

- Analogue in and outputs


All Addon speakers are easily connected to most sound sources. Give your computer or your flat TV serious hi-fi sound, or play from your iPad/iPhone/iPod-dock. Any source with a headphones output can be connected to Addon powered speakers.


All Addon speakers are wireless-ready for Audio Pro WF100 wireless dongles. Connect the transmitter to your computer (or other sound source), and connect receiver to the USB power supply on the rear of the speaker. Then plug a 3.5 mm stereo cable to line in. Done! Play your music wirelessly.


Addon Five has two line-ins, allowing you to connect two sound sources at the same time. For example, you can connect Addon Five to your TV, and then wirelessly to your computer with the WF100 wireless dongles. And you can switch source using the remote supplied.


Addon Five also has a sub-out connection. Connect any powered subwoofer for that extra bass experience.