With iPad/iPhone/iPod touch you already have the perfect remote!

Using your iPad or iPhone to control your music wirelessly is as simple as it is effective. Here are two ways to do it:

Use Apple Airplay:
To use Airplay for playing your music from iTunes or Spotify, you need an Airport Express - you may already use one for your wireless home network. Simply connect our transmitter TX100 via 3.5mm stereo cable to the sound output on Airport Express. The TX100 will need power, so use our separate USB power supply.

Done! Now select your Airport Express unit as the sound device on your iPad or iPhone, and your music will play wirelessly to your Living speakers or RX100 receiver(s).

Using Splashtop Remote:
Download the Splashtop Remote App from the App Store to your computer or laptop. When you sync your iPad or iPhone, Splashtop Remote mirrors your computer’s entire screen on your handheld so that it becomes the world’s greatest remote control (the iPhone screen may too small to be practical...).

Connect the TX100 transmitter to the computer you’re mirroring with Splashtop. Now you can play all your music, including using all music players, wirelessly to your Living speakers or RX100 receivers.