Living LV1 - wireless speakers for a new lifestyle

After the huge success of the Living series with Living LV2, Audio Pro continues to deliver uncompromised wireless sound to every corner of your home. First to follow LV2 is Living LV1, a small speaker with modern scandinavian style in a slim leather covered design.

Living LV1 is the smallest speaker in the Living series, an awardwinning lifestyle solution with wireless speakers in your whole house. It’s the perfect speaker to expand your existing system with, easy to place everywhere thanks to its slim design. Covered in red, white or black leather, it will find its place in every home.

Premium sound and design
Living LV1 is a wireless speaker where the only cable you need is to power. Built-in digital amplifier, wireless receiver, DSP and digital filters. LV1 delivers stereo sound from a single box using the Embracing sound technology. It is a complete speaker system in one box and ready to use in the Audio Pro unique network with full CD-quality. This means you can play FLAC or Apple Lossless files without any compression. And you can add as many speakers as you like within range of the transmitter.

Wireless sound made simple
Just like all speakers in the Living series, LV1 is extremely easy to use. Just plug the trans­mitter to your computer and power to the speaker, and you are done. True plug n’ play. The transmitter can be connected to any audio device with sound output, such as iPod/iPhone/iPad dock, cell phone, radio or stereo. With the remote you control all levels in your homew, master volume or individual zone volume.

”It should be simple to enjoy wireless hifi with quality audio” says Mathias Pantzar, Head of Design at Audio Pro. ”The future is about lifestyle and new listening behaviours, to be accessible. The computer is central to our music now, and it deserves the best sound possible. You shouldn’t be limited by cables, and your music flow free.”